September 2018 "Emergency Preparedness"

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We receive many comments on our Facebook page sharing stories of subscribers that utilize their SCOUTbox gear during severe weather incidents and other emergency situations (share yours with us at

Whether you've experienced wildfires and drought in the west, felt the wrath of hurricanes in the south, were buried under snow up north, flooded in the east, or blown away by severe weather anywhere in-between, it's likely that you (or someone you know) have endured some sort of disaster in 2018.

This year underscores the need for everyone to be prepared...

Even the "mundane" emergencies of everyday life require scouts to be ever-ready to apply their knowledge, skills, and kit in a variety of areas. That's where SCOUTbox's Sept. 2018 shipment is here to help!

Stay safe out there, friends & thanks for being part of our SCOUTbox family!

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