Kammock - Kanga Claw Carabiner
Kammock - Kanga Claw Carabiner - SCOUTbox

Kammock - Kanga Claw Carabiner
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Engineered for the everyday adventurer or the extreme climber, these carabiners can be used with all Kammok camping hammocks as a full strength quick-draw carabiner. Or use it to hang heave items at the campsite

Advanced safety

The strength and durability of these technically advanced components are CE 1019 certified, giving you a secure experience in your hammock, every time.


A pair of our double wire gate, 23kN climbing rated Kanga Claws can connect your Racer Slings to your Python Straps for ultimate safety and security.

Double wire gate

The Kanga Claw is engineered for superior strength and uses forged 7075 aluminum for ultra-durable carabiner construction.